Studio Oleomingus: Notes in the Margins of History

Opening: Friday, Sep 20, 2019 6 – 9 pm
Friday, Sep 20 – Dec 15, 2019

2418 W Bloomingdale Ave #101
Chicago, IL 60647

Based out of Chala, India, Studio Oleomingus is a two-person game studio known for their visually stunning and narrative-driven games and about the history of India, post-colonialism, and a generative approach toward blending fact and fiction. This exhibition brings together the various parts of Somewhere, a ongoing video game epic in several episodes. Somewhere is a videogame adaptation of an anthology by the Gujarati playwright Mir UmarHassan, about the search for a mythical city called Kayamgadh. Set in nineteenth-century British colonial India, it traces the lives of several people as they search for a fabled journal that charts a route to Kayamgadh. This exhibition will be Oleomingus’ first in America and will include debut work that has not been previously released to the public.

Image: Studio Oleomingus - A Museum of Dubious Splendors