Home Sweet Home: Nostalgia...ish

Opening: Saturday, Jan 28, 2023 4 – 8 pm
Saturday, Jan 28 – Feb 18, 2023

1741 W. Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60622

"Home Sweet Home: Nostalgia...ish" 

Opening: January 28 4–8 pm

Pictured here is one of Banksy's most notable pieces painted in the style he refers to as "corrupted oils". Much like tagging a building is typically considered "vandalism" so too is the defacing of another artists work. Or is it?

"Home Sweet Home: Nostalgia…Ish" begs the question - what is the line between vandalism and art?! Are we breathing new life into once forgotten works?

Chicago Truborn and Co-Curator, SubUrbanWarrior, present our first exhibition of 2023. A robust group show featuring over 30 street/contemporary artists from all over the country. This show focuses on original works created in tandem with vintage/thrifted paintings and mixed media items. Each artist was tasked with finding their own vintage "canvas" and asked to add their signature work on top to create a timeless collaboration. There is a timeless essence captured in these works and we can not wait to share this experience with you!