Opening: Friday, Mar 13, 2020 6 – 8 pm
Friday, Mar 13 – Apr 4, 2020

1332 S. Halsted St.
Chicago, IL 60607
New address as of Nov. 2023

CHICAGO –– Woman Made Gallery (WMG) is pleased to present “Suffra-Jetting,” an exhibition inspired by Candace Hunter and juried by Malika Jackson. From 300 works by female-identified artists, Malika Jackson chose 43 pieces by 39 local and international artists, representing both US and global perspectives.

Works in the exhibition are emotional and deeply personal, sharing female experiences that address a myriad of topics: motherhood, inequality, body image, racism, violence, spirituality, and so much more. Life experiences are translated into art in the form of paintings, drawings, printmaking, photography, mixed media works, sculptures, book-art, and video works.

Illinois artist Amy Bernard describes her work in this way: “This tea set is for my grandmothers, created in their memory, and for every other woman who dreamed of a career and a life beyond making a nice life for others. The women who had to polish silver, wash china, and wax linoleum floors instead of living the life they desired. Because of women like them, women like me can live their whole truth and manifest the lives we covet with no regrets. My grandmothers’ sacrifices help me understand how important it is to live my life fully and authentically, with a purpose.

Exhibiting Artists: Jenny Balisle, Ginny Baughman, Emily Beck, Amy Bernard, Janet Braun-Reinitz, CarveStone, Veronica Ceci, Betty Chernansky,  Rachel Garber Cole, Maritza Davila, Rosemary Davis, Sharon Draghi, Carol Estes, Anita Giraldo, Mary Hazboun, Deborah Hirshfield, Nicolina Holt, Tonia Hughes, Rose Rita James, Lisa Jenschke, Dorothy Simpson Krause, Phyllis Lear, Diane Levesque, Verneda Lights, Babsi Loisch, MC,  Liz O'Brien, Nancy Pirri, Felicia Grant Preston, Lois Bielefeld and Nirmal Raja, MahlÕt S A N S O S A, Ruth G. Sikes, Patricia Stewart, Dorothy Straughter, Rhonda Urdang, Lisa Venditelli, Whitney Wade, Babette Wainwright, Kelly Witte.

Juror: Malika Jackson earned both her BA and MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her works have been exhibited in solo and group shows at Howard Brown Center, Chicago State University, Hyde Park Art Center, Woman Made Gallery, the Woodshop Gallery (Chicago), Noyes Gallery (Evanston), the Museum of Science and Industry, and the South Side Community Art Center, among other venues.

Jackson’s awards include an honorable mention from the Museum of Science and Industry, and she was honored by the Diasporal Rhythms Art Association. Jackson received an art grant from the City of Chicago, design awards from Ann Brooks and Fur International. She has completed commissions for public art throughout Chicago, and she has curated the CulturalConnection Fine Art Festival for the past 22 years. Jackson’s art is in public and private collections.


Image: Amy Bernard