Summer Visions: Kavi Gupta and Thomas McCormick, Washington Boulevard

Wednesday, Jun 28, 2023 1 – 2:30 pm

927 Noyes St. Studio 222, Evanston, IL 60201

Join Art Encounter Co-Founder and Artistic Director Joanna Pinsky to delve into stimulating art exhibits in three different areas of Chicago. Discover new spaces and established galleries to see works by diverse national and international artists depicting a wide range of ideas.

We’ll begin our first session at Kavi Gupta with Sky Dances Light, a solo exhibition of new works by celebrated, interdisciplinary Seneca artist Marie Watt, whose bold, multi-sensory visual language celebrates and fosters community connections. The artist creates biomorphic hanging sculptures assembled from tens of thousands of jingle cones, rolled pieces of tin historically fashioned from the circular lids of tobacco containers. In addition to the works’ aesthetic associations, we’ll discuss several other important elements of Watt’s artistic language, including materials related to Indigenous history and gestures intended to spark healing. Next, we’ll view selected works by Gupta’s internationally recognized artists in the gallery’s second floor space. We’ll conclude at the Thomas McCormick Gallery with a solo exhibit of works from the estate of Maurice Golubov (1905-1987). The artist, an American painter, pushed the boundaries of abstraction during America’s golden age of modern art on a personal quest of spirituality as he pursued an alternative dimension. McCormick Gallery Director Mary Beyer will talk to us about the process of representing estates along with representing contemporary artists.

Meet at Kavi Gupta Gallery, 835 W. Washington Boulevard, Chicago

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