Summer Visions: West Town Galleries

Wednesday, Jul 12, 2023 1 – 2:30 pm

927 Noyes St. Studio 222, Evanston, IL 60201

Join Art Encounter Co-Founder and Artistic Director Joanna Pinsky to delve into stimulating art exhibits in three different areas of Chicago. Discover new spaces and established galleries to see works by diverse national and international artists depicting a wide range of ideas.

On July 12, explore a variety of ideas, techniques and materials in several galleries within close proximity. At Patron Gallery, consider Lucas Simões’ exhibit Luscofusco, which roughly translates to the magic hour between day and night. The Sau Paulo-based artist creates evocative sculptures that hover between opposing ideas. We’ll see how his work relates to Mexican born artist Dianna Frid’s elegant mixed-media wall works incorporating embroidered text, graphite, and aluminum leaf. Next, at Rhona Hoffman Gallery, we’ll delve into images depicting race relations, poverty, and civil rights by the renowned photographer Gordon Parks (1912–2006), the first Black American to be hired by Life Magazine. We’ll conclude at Western Exhibitions with Somewhere Between the Eyes and the Heart, featuring striking, mixed-media paintings by Jamaican artist Leasho Johnson and Mega Meadow Liquidation, featuring oil, acrylic, and machine-embroidered stained paintings on silk and drop cloth by artist Ruby T.

Meet at Patron Gallery, 1612 W Chicago Avenue, Chicago.

Image Credit: Baptism, Chicago, Illinois by Gordon Parks

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