Suraj Bhamra: Loess

Friday, Jul 6, 2018 6 – 9 pm

300 W. Superior
2nd Fl.
Chicago, IL 60654

Suraj Bhamra is a Metro Detroit photographer born in Windsor, ON. Loess is his first solo exhibition and intends to highlight the vibrant immigrant community in Hamtramck, Michigan. The project intends to draw attention to the intersection of immigrant identity, ubiquitous symbols of American pride, the contentious contemporary American political climate, and everyday life in the community.

Loess, a loosely compacted sedimentary deposit commonly found in the American Midwest, was chosen as the name of this project as a metaphor for various communities coming together to settle the American landscape, much like that of the wind-blown particles that come to form Loess. Although calcareous, porous, and loosely formed, it remains striking in its golden hue and important in its foundation of our landscape.