The Arts & Social Practice Fellowship: OOMK

Thursday, Apr 6 – 17, 2017 10 – 11 pm

The Arts & Social Practice Fellowship offers a grant for a UK-based artist to undertake a residency during Spring 2017 in Chicago. The British Council is facilitating this exchange to support a UK Fellow in the US.  


OOMK (Sofia Niazi, Rose Nordin and Heiba Lamara) has operated since 2013 as an artist collective specializing in print practices exploring intersections of art, activism and publishing. OOMK zine is a biannual publication that explores the diasporic activism, art and identities of women, and is distributed across the UK and selected outlets internationally. In 2015 they completed a residency investigating the future aesthetic, function and user culture of the ‘library’ at Open School East with Book Works, resulting in the new publication 'The Library Was'. In 2016 OOMK received the Artist’s International Development fund to conduct research into independent publishing practices in Malaysia (2016). OOMK co-organises DIY Cultures Festival in East London with Other Asias and currently runs Rabbits Road Press, a community Risograph printing press in East London. For more information about OOMK, please visit or