Touch: Millicent Kennedy, Caroline Liu, Mindy Sue Wittock

Friday, Sep 4 – Oct 9, 2020

4839 N. Damen Ave., Chicago, IL 60625

Touch is a fiber art and textile show featuring original works by Millicent Kennedy, Caroline Liu, and Mindy Sue Wittock.

Millicent Kennedy is an Evanston-based artist from Mississippi that works primarily in screen print, woodcut, fiber arts, and drawing for her installation-based work. Much of her imagery is pulled from family lore and personal history growing up in the south.

Caroline Liu's work explores her personal experiences as a late diagnosed autistic adult and her tribulations with short-term memory loss as a result of multiple concussions. Her paintings and plushies serve as documentation of memories she’d otherwise forget, as well as visual and tactile stimuli that provide her with restorative relief.

Mindy Sue Wittock uses sewing and stitching techniques to create soft sculptures and textiles that are inspired by the intangible phantom of nostalgia. She collects objects and cloth to build pieces and cover surfaces that explore memory of a time passed.