Treasure Trove: Establishing Jewelry and Metals Archives

Sunday, Jan 27 – Aug 4, 2019

441 Main St.
Racine, WI 53403

Gallery 1

In 2013, RAM was identified as having the largest contemporary craft collection in the United States. That impressive designation is thanks to the commitment of donors—private collectors and artists primarily—who see RAM as the definitive lasting home of the artwork they have amassed and/or created. Also unique to RAM’s collection are concentrations of multiple works by individual artists. While some institutions choose to limit their acquisitions to one or two examples per artist—except in special circumstances—RAM is often interested in representing a large cross-section of a career or body of work. This extends to the development of archives that may include studio furniture, correspondence, books, and other materials that document and outline professional paths and achievements.

This exhibition focuses on select archive artists who primarily create jewelry and metalwork, highlighting their presence with a sampling from RAM’s holdings.

Exhibition Notes


Image: Michael Croft, Rocker Chopper, ca. 2000