Two Urban Visions: Kurt Kramer & Howard Hart

Thursday, Jun 1 – 24, 2023

1310 Chicago Ave.
Evanston, IL 60201

The Perspective Gallery is proud to present two original urban visions as captured independently by photographers Howard Hart and Kurt Kramer.  Enjoy the work of each photographer individually and discover similarities and differences between the collections captured by these two artists roaming very different streets with their cameras.

Kurt Kramer takes pleasure in capturing the smaller, more intimate environs of urban life. Rather than focusing on monumental or heavily trafficked areas, he seeks out the spaces that we often walk by in our daily routines. Through careful selection of viewpoint, timing, and lighting he aims to create visually striking compositions that showcase the beauty of these often-overlooked locations. Frequently punctuating his photographs with a human presence, he strives to capture the perfect moment when a subject's location, movements, and gestures add layers of meaning to the scene. Kramer will be presenting photographs in both color and black-and-white, with all images captured in Chicago in the last three years.

Howard Hart's photographs emphasize quiet moments in public spaces. His photos were taken on otherwise hectic visits to Spain, Hungary, Romania, Argentina, and Mexico. Hart is intrigued that even the most minimal human presence - a lone individual, a quiet chat among friends, or a simple pair of shoes – can transform otherwise characterless, vacant spaces into stages for infinitely possible narratives. His black-and-white photographs highlight the quality of thoughtfulness and introspection suggested by the isolation of his subjects and the emptiness of their environment. 

Image: After the Sunset, After the Rain © Kurt Kramer