Ulterior Motifs

Opening: Saturday, Apr 13, 2019 6 – 10 pm
Saturday, Apr 13 – May 18, 2019

1741 W. Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60622

Chicago Truborn proudly presents: “Ulterior Motifs” Featuring Ouizi & Emmy Star Brown

"Ulterior" relates to the hidden/unapparent ideas behind abstract artwork while the word "Motifs" references the elements of design, pattern, decoration, shape, and ornamental detailing in these new featured works. Both artists will have a vast offering of originals ranging in size and price - including framed illustrations, canvas work, and limited edition prints.

Two brand new in store installations will be revealed at the opening reception from 4/13/19 6- 10 pm 

A Custom Ulterior Motifs Cocktail crafted by the mixologists at Bar Biscay will be served as a complementary offering to those 21 +

About the Artists:

Louise Jones (formerly Chen), AKA Ouizi, was born and raised in Los Angeles to Shanghainese parents. She studied drawing and printmaking at UC Santa Cruz, and continued a steady studio practice after graduating. She was heavily involved in Los Angeles bicycle culture after college, which inspired her to make public art and experiment with different creative outlets. She moved to Detroit in 2013 and was soon commissioned to do her first outdoor public mural. She has made over 50 public works since 2013, and continues to make work in and outside the studio including many international endeavors.

Her aesthetic is inspired by folk, indigenous, and spiritual art, as well as patterns found in nature, and patterns from textiles and wallpaper. What she chooses as her main subject is often what other artists would use in the margins as she places a lot of value on the edges. Mark making and craftsmanship are critical to appreciating her work, both are important to her as she makes a lot of effort in producing harmony between line work, composition, and color. She is always working towards masterful execution in all aspects of her practice, and considers herself more of an artisan than an artist.

Emmy Star Brown is a painter, illustrator, and muralist living in Chicago. Her artwork is reflective of her graphic design background, as well as her love for modern design, typography, plants, repurposing, geometry, and her city. While Emmy made a name for herself focusing on lettering and design/pattern based work, she recently expanded her work to large scale murals and canvas. Her style has evolved into a more abstract painterly aesthetic which she will be debuting at this show!