Various Artists/Designers PRIVATE QUARTERS III

Saturday, Jan 8 – Feb 26, 2022

1709 W. Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622

Volume Gallery is pleased to announce Private Quarters III which will be on view beginning January 8, 2022. Private Quarters is an ongoing series of exhibitions focused on giving further context to work by the gallery's designers and artists. A rumination on domestic space, this group show will feature work by Ross Hansen, Jennefer Hoffmann, Christy Matson, Jonathan Muecke, and Thaddeus Wolfe.

New pillar-shaped ceramics by Jennefer Hoffmann made during a residency in North Carolina reference the steeples and rolling hills in the area as well as the influx of wasps and bees in her studio. Some of the pieces are titled after daubers, wasps that build their nests from mud. Not only resembling their cylindrical nests, the ceramics are also intended to translate the buzzing sound of wasps and bees in clay. 

Christy Matson's weavings often reference the history of Modernism, including the concept of the grid, as well as the history of textiles from all over the world. In Pliable Grid (Silver), hand-painted metallic fibers form a grid that overlays a subtle spray of yellow, pink, and green. In Pliable Grid (Pink), shades of black and pink are woven into a plaid-like pattern, imprecise as if hand-drawn.

Ross Hansen’s recent ceramic epoxy table, Bootcut Console, has a marbled surface and unusual split legs that exemplify Hansen’s subversive use of industrial production methods to form unique and animated designed objects. 

Thaddeus Wolfe is known for his dedication to the laborious techniques of glassmaking and an inquisitive vision that leads the medium into new terrain. Untitled is a combination of kiln-formed and mold-blown glass. Mostly a deep black with a few windows into its more chromatic inside, the glass has been cast in a crystalline pattern like an otherworldly geological formation.

Jonathan Muecke’s elegant forms are hyper-specific in scale and material. His FS (Flat Shape) comes from a series of matte-black aluminum sheets cut into a variety of shapes, all of which are one hundred inches around with a serrated border of five hundred tiny peaks.