Victoria Adams and Leslie Wu: Still Shores

Friday, Apr 28 – 30, 2017 5 – 7 pm

309 Park Ave.
Glencoe, IL 60022

Anne Loucks Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Victoria Adams and Leslie Wu: Still Shores, an exhibition of 25 of the artists’ recent paintings.

Victoria Adams’ paintings represent a combination of elements from the natural world that she synthesizes into her ethereal landscape compositions.  Her inspiration includes not only the panoramic vistas and reflective waters that surround her Pacific Northwest studio, but also the traditions of the American Luminist and Hudson River School painters.    Her grand views, sweeping horizons and dramatic skies combine to present the viewer with a timeless and almost dreamlike connection to the natural world.

Leslie Wu’s work is rooted in the emotional response to place, as gleaned from memory, experience and observation.   Her paintings are not about specific locations, but reflect a combination of places filtered through memory and experience.   Serene shorelines, dramatic light, reflective waters, and nostalgic figures combine to suggest the passing of time and a distinct sense of place in her compositions.