Vieniems / Vien Jiems

Saturday, Aug 1 – Sep 10, 2020

5620 S Claremont Ave, Chicago, IL 60636

View the exhibition video here


With Sandra Avizienyte, we collaborated on her latest book of poetry "psichopatija."  On June 15 she wrote and gifted me a poem. This is a very moving, very emotional expression of love between two people. With deep sadness, yet with a glimmer of hope.

In appreciation I created a smaller artwork incorporating her words. I then decided that a much grander gesture was necessary. 

The thought fragments were created by taking my previous paintings, mounting them on board, and cutting them up into palm-sized fragments.

These fragments contain my previous art works, brain scans, brain waves, writings. These are truly fragments of my mind. 

The poem itself was untitled. A week after writing it, Sandra changed the last term from “Vieniems” to “Vien Jiems”. Thus, the title of this installation. 

The display of my thought fragments follows closely Sandra’s handwritten words.

-Audrius Plioplys