Vignettes: Concentrated Views of RAM’s Collection

Wednesday, Feb 1 – Aug 19, 2023

441 Main St.
Racine, WI 53403

Artwork cannot be experienced in a vacuum. The meaning of individual pieces can fluctuate and change—not just between what the artist intended and what the viewer sees but also within the dynamics created in the context of a gallery space. Playing with this idea, Vignettesis comprised of several smaller exhibitions of works gathered under various organizing principles or themes—emphasizing specific characteristics of the individual pieces and overall groupings. These groupings are inspired by RAM’s history or collection in different ways—for example, some reference past exhibitions while some highlight time periods, favored pieces, or ideas donors explored. As a vignette is defined as a “brief, evocative description” of a larger entity, each group of this exhibition is a self-contained idea that gives a sense of RAM in a “snapshot” through curatorial eyes.

Celebrating RAM’s 20th anniversary and featuring textiles, art to wear, art jewelry, photography, prints, ceramics, and more, this atypical presentation highlights the range of the permanent collection in its variability of artist voices and backgrounds as well as types of media. Panels next to each sub-theme contain keywords or ribbons of thought that link artworks together. While the words offer curatorial transparency, visitors are encouraged to find their own meaning and potential connections.

Some of the over-arching themes in Vignettes include glamour, black/white, colorful, 1940s/2000s, topical, out of the ordinary, and cosmic.

Please note that because this is a long exhibition showcasing pieces made of fragile materials, some works—and therefore some artists—will be changed midway through.