Virtual Artist Talk: EMMY Award-Winning American Framing Photographer Chris Strong

Thursday, Jun 16, 2022 12 – 1 pm

659 W. Wrightwood
Chicago, IL 60614

Via Zoom

Join us for a virtual artist talk with American Framingphotographer Chris Strong, who will discuss the processes and stories behind his work for the exhibition. Strong is best known for his Emmy Award-winning work with now-famous Chicago band American Football. The iconic cover image of the band’s first record, a suburban home clad in white vinyl siding shot against an eerie blue-green sky, is emblematic of Strong’s formal sensibility and interest in middle-American architecture. For his American Framing photographs, Strong spent weeks with union workers and day laborers working on wood-framed homes to faithfully document the labor and techniques that underlie the creation of America’s suburbs.