Virtual Salon Talk: Florida Highwaymen

Thursday, Feb 18, 2021 6 – 7 pm

Chicago, IL

The Harlem Renaissance, Black Art Movement (BAM) and AfriCOBRA were among the most widely recognized Black Fine Art Movements of the 20th Century. The Florida Highwaymen, while among that group, have received much less recognition outside their home state.   What makes the Highwaymen so unique is their stated goal to free themselves from a life of “planting, picking and menial labor”.  Their art, while both beautiful and inspiring, was also a means to an end.  They were Black entrepreneurs who plied their craft out of the trunk of their car along Florida roadways thereby earning the sobriquet Florida Highwaymen. This Black History Month Pigment International™ explores the intersection of art and entrepreneurship with two experts on the Highwaymen – Dr. Michael Butler, Florida Highwaymen art collector and owner of Griot Gallery in Miami and Canadian Tony Hayton, a devotee of the Highwaymen who evangelizes on their relevance in the Black art ecosystem. 


Join us on February 18th along with our partners the Chicago Reader, Chicago Gallery News and New Day Culture.  

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