Weed the People

Saturday, Jan 11 – Feb 8, 2020

1741 W. Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60622

Our first show of 2020 and we're starting things off on a HIGH note.

Jan 1 2020 is especially notable for us Chicagoans as the legalization/decriminalization/recreational use of CANNABIS goes into effect per Bill HB 1438. Illinois is the 11th state to legalize marijuana.

Finally, there will there be (promised) justice for the non violent offenders whose records will be expunged. Finally, the general public can count on safe and reliable access to this medicinal and natural plant. Finally, smokers can be open and honest about their personal/medical usage of something that's been wrongfully vilified and propagandized for decades. FINALLY, we have come one step closer to freedom.

Please help us celebrate this momentous occasion as we honor all things Marijuana. From pop culture icons to botanical illustrations and more, this show will surely leave you buzzed. 

And as if we couldn't get much higher...It's our distinct honor to have RYTHM officially sponsoring the event. This unprecedented partnership comes jam packed with lots of surprises and perks. They have generously provided each artist with a blank "Palm" (aluminum, pocket sized, E-Vape) to be customized for the show.

The electronic vape battery packs from RYTHM WILL NOT be sold individually - rather, they will come as a package deal when you #becomeACollector and purchase a piece from this show. So, the only way to get the vape is to buy the painting! TWO originals for the price of one.

As always, there will be two site specific in store murals revealed and beer/wine for adults 21+. Please note, there will be no THC products sold or consumed - that is reserved for dispensaries only.

Featuring :
Ava Grey
Blake Jones
Cabin 7 Originals 
Czr Prz
Daniel Burnett
Miguel Á Del Real
Dred Ske
The Art of Elisa Rose Mountain
Glass Cuisine
Heady Paints
JB Snyder
Jenny Hiser Art
Lauren Asta
Mazafy Designs
Michelle Wanhala
Peter Paid
Won Kim