what flies but never lands?

Wednesday, Jun 2 – Sep 5, 2021

78 E. Washington
Chicago, IL 60602

Michigan Avenue Galleries, 1st Floor East

what flies but never lands? presents works that, through their own logics and affects, resist the recollective slipstreams of the present. Staged in the Michigan Avenue galleries, what flies but never lands? is gently organized into three concepts, one for each room: swirllight, and groundSwirl proposes an imaging of history that, unlike a linear Western teleology of time, is embodied by the concentric, helical, and dual-directional form of the spiral. Light evokes the relationship between time and technology, namely the promise of technology as a font of modern progress and mastery over nature. Ground considers earthly materials as tools for record-keeping, and the mutability of these materials’ associations over time.

Image caption: Hương Ngô, In the Shadow of the Future  (2014 - 2019), video still, three-channel digital video, architectural installation, color, sound, hypertufa, full spectrum lights, plants (invasive and non-invasive), concrete.