Where We Are: Opening Reception

Friday, Dec 7, 2018 6 – 9 pm

300 W. Superior
2nd Fl.
Chicago, IL 60654

This exhibition is a visual exploration of emotions and memories. Memories
and emotions have a deep and lasting impact. They color our past and shape
our reality. This show is an exploration of the emotions and memories by
photographers Fred Teifeld and David Tepper. Fred’s imagery depicts his growing up
and living with the effects of domestic violence. David’s work represents the wonder
and gratitude of his journey. Fred and David have different perspectives about life.
Fred is working hard to break free of his past, while David quietly enjoys his life.
Both Fred and David work as professional photographers and educators in the
Chicago area. Fred’s studio is in Evanston, while David takes his studio with him
on his travels. David travels extensively across the United States visiting
reservations and making portraits of Native Americans. To date, he has
made portraits of nearly fifty different nations and bands of Native
Americans. He isn’t done.

Fred and David met 40 years ago in a high school photography course.
Five years ago, they reconnected and quickly became the good friends
they are today.