Woman Made Gallery Turns 30!

Opening: Thursday, Jul 14, 2022 4 – 7 pm
Thursday, Jul 14, 2022

1332 S. Halsted St.
Chicago, IL 60607
New address as of Nov. 2023

As we near the closing of our exhibition, Generations juried by Jae Green and Marisa Miles, we would be remiss if we did not also throw a party -- afterall, its not everyday a gallery turns 30! We are officially Chicago's longest operating feminist non-profit art gallery. 

What a journey this has been! 

Founded in 1992 by Beate Minkovski and Kelly P. Hensen, Woman Made Gallery has made home for feminist thought through a myriad of opportunities, from exhibitions to poetry readings to community outreach. It has not been all smooth and easy, but definitely inspiring, and gratifying. 

We, at Woman Made Gallery would love to invite you to join us on Thursday, July 15 from 5 - 7 PM CST as we tour the exhibition, meet artists, read out some poetry, and talk about WMG through its timeline with founder Beate Minkovski. There will be cake and wine, of course.