Workshop: Getting Seen, Getting Shown with Jess T. Dugan and Sasha Wolf

Thursday, Sep 21, 2017 9 am – 4 pm

1821 W Hubbard, Ste. 207, Chicago, IL 60622

More than ever before, being an artist requires not only producing compelling work, but also possessing the professional skills necessary to get your work seen, shown, and collected. In this day-long workshop, dealer Sasha Wolf and artist Jess T. Dugan will provide an overview of the skills required to build and maintain a career as a fine art photographer in today’s multifaceted and ever-changing art world.  This is a rare chance to not only learn what today’s standards are regarding best practices but also to participate in a genuine dialogue between an artist and a dealer.

Some of the questions that will be addressed include but are not limited to:

What constitutes a refined body of work?  How do you determine when your work is ready to be shown?

What are the best practices for maintaining artist websites and using social media?

What is the role of a gallerist?  What is the responsibility of the artist in an artist/gallery relationship?

How do you connect with individuals such as curators, publishers, or collectors who are in a position to support your work and further your career?

What are the pros and cons (and possible pitfalls) of publishing a book?

What are some strategies for building community and sustaining a meaningful practice for the long haul?

This workshop is ideal for photographers looking to gain insight into professional aspects of the art world.

Cost: $160 with registration. Register here.

Located at the Millennium Knickerbocker.