Workshop: The Portrait with Rania Matar

Friday, Sep 22, 2017 9 am – 4 pm

1821 W Hubbard, Ste. 207, Chicago, IL 60622

Capturing a powerful portrait goes well beyond the press of a button. In this workshop, Rania will explore all aspects of portraiture and delve into the process of working with people. Participants will learn attention to detail, postures and expressions, approaching potential subjects, establishing trust and developing a relationship. She will discuss working through the entire process and all of the details of creating a great portrait and working with people. Other topics include how to frame your image, how to observe moments in between moments, body language, expressions, relationship to the environment: light, texture, location, background, and the importance of the gaze. The group will also look at iconic portraits and the work of well-known artists and discuss the relationship of the photographer to the subject throughout the entire process.

Limited to 18 participants. Bring 15-20 images to share. 

$350 per person for entry. 

Located at the Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel.