Yoko Ono: Poetry, Painting, Music, Objects, Events, and Wish Trees

Friday, May 10 – Aug 22, 2019

61 W. Superior
Chicago, IL 60654


As artist and curator Jon Hendricks describes, “Yoko Ono typed up for George Maciunas the suggested contents of what was to become Grapefruit.  A facsimile of the entire typescript is included in the display.  We have spread out the typescripts in three rows, so that one can enter the book at any place, or read from beginning to end.  There is an intimacy to the work, so what you will be able to see is a facsimile of the first drafts of the legendary book, eventually published as Grapefruit.  Also, Yoko Ono has included in the Foundation courtyard a grove of Wish Trees, which the public is invited to hang wishes on.”