Yoonshin Park: In Lieu Of

Opening: Friday, Jan 19, 2024 4 – 7 pm
Friday, Jan 19 – Feb 24, 2024

325 W. Huron
Chicago, IL 60654

View: Yoonshin Park - “In Lieu Of”

Yoonshin Park is a multimedia artist, curator, and educator working with sculptural papers, artist books, and installations. Her interest in the comprehensive process of papermaking and bookbinding caters her work to encompass various elements woven into complete objects.

“Yoonshin Park is a bookmaker, and it comes as no surprise that the blank page would hold a particular kind of significance for her. So when Park found herself in the midst of a paralyzing creative block, the page — that unmarred sheet, that metaphorical emptiness abounding with potential, that empty space waiting to absorb and record creative output as evidence of one's identity as an artist — was an ever-present specter. Park's Tiedseries is a product of that period in her life. However anxious she might have felt then, this practice instead embodies the assuaging of that frustration, the uphill climb towards re-establishing a creative rhythm. Catalyzing this return to making was the simple folding of paper. For Park, the repetition, the accumulation of rote handiwork, is its own kind of antidote to the discontent surrounding her lack of production. Via this self-soothing practice, the basis of Tied was formed.” - excerpt from Tied by Robin Dluzen

Image: Yoonshin Park, Handmade paper (hanji), ink, thread, fabric, 2021, 15” x 15” x .5”