Richard Hull at Metropolitan Capital

Metropolitan Capital has been a local champion of Chicago art for several years now. The bank’s ongoing quarterly series, Chicago Works, showcases local stars in its decidedly un-bank-like space in the former Tree Studios in River North. This fall they feature the colorful art of Richard Hull. 

Hull’s work is recognized as an abstraction of architecture, landscape, and the figure. Over the years his work has evolved from deconstructed and imagined maps of interior spaces, featuring bright, contrasting colors which animate the interacting forms, to more lyrical, organic compositions of looser, swirling shapes. Hull’s most recent work explores the abstraction of the figure, using the composition of a traditional portrait as a base for his animated exploration of surface and form.

For more information about Richard Hull, his work and the Metropolitan Capital exhibition, please visit or contact Western Exhibitions at 312-480-8390 or visit