Open House Chicago Features Architectural Masterpieces, Impressive Skyscrapers and Historic Landmarks

Explore Chicago’s hidden wonders with Open House Chicago, open this Saturday, October 15 through Sunday, October 16. The free public festival, organized by the Chicago Architecture Foundation, offers exclusive public access to over 200 buildings across Chicago. Sneak a peek inside some of Chicago’s architectural masterpieces, impressive skyscrapers, and historic landmarks.


The Clarke House Museum

Built in 1836, the Clarke House Museum is Chicago’s oldest house. Located in the city’s Prairie Avenue Historic District, the home was originally built for businessman Henry B. Clarke during the city’s formative years, predating the Civil War. The house is modeled after Greek Revival style, and has a unique past, surviving fires, belonging to a church, and being moved - twice. The home became a Chicago landmark on Oct. 14, 1970 and was officially purchased by the City of Chicago in 1977.

Tours of the House Museum are available from 10am-4pm


LondonHouse Hotel

Surrounding the Michigan Avenue bridge, the LondonHouse Hotel is considered one of Chicago’s “Big Four” skyscrapers. Originally the London Guarantee Building built in 1923 by Alfred S. Alschuler, the high rise was bought in 2013 by Oxford Capital Group in the midst of the city’s hotel boom and has since been restored. The building features Neo-Classical and Art Deco designs, along with a new 22-story glass tower addition.

Take a tour of the historic lobby, open to the public from 12-4pm


Colvin House

Opening its doors to the public for the first time, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the Colvin House, located in the northern Edgewater neighborhood. Built in 1909 by architect George Maher, the home remained a private residence for over a century. The Prairie-Style, American Foursquare mansion is now being transformed into an event space. Plastered with a plain, yellow brick exterior, the mansion opens its doors to ornate interior features, modeling 1920s movie palace designs. The home was deemed a Chicago landmark in 1994.

View the 6,000 square ft. mansion’s intricate interior design, open from 9am-5pm.


St. John Cantius Roman Catholic Church

Voted the “Most Beautiful Church in America” by the Granda Liturgical Arts in 2016, attendees can view the stunning artwork and architecture of the St. John Cantius Roman Catholic Church. Founded by Polish immigrants, the church was designed by Adolphus Druiding and built in 1898 over a five year period. St John’s features Baroque-style interior with lofty, painted ceilings harking to the 18th-century Krakow. Less than a mile from Water Tower and Chicago Avenue, St. John’s is the Polish cathedral closest to downtown. The church also features a 130 ft. tower, visible from the Kennedy Expressway.  

St. John Cantius Roman Catholic Church will be open to the public from 12-4pm on Saturday, and 3-5pm on Sunday.


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Top image: Courtesy of Open House Chicago