Dzine at the Chicago Cultural Center

Chicago is proud to claim international artist Dzine/Carlos Rolon as its own, and for the first time in 12 years, the artist's work is on view here at home at the Chicago Cultural Center for a solo exhibition. 

Dzine's style is distinct - bright colors, sparkles, bold shapes, designs and vignettes - and there is always much to behold, contemplate and admire in the artist's work. And though it is often mesmerizingly beautiful, there is much more to it than just looks, proving that the artist defies stereotypes and categorization. Rolon's current show highlights his social explorations and the immersive environments he creates in order to put viewers in a certain state of mind. By getting viewers to stop and look, he can also make them think (sometimes even looking in the mirror.) 

At the Cultural Center, multiple works are placed throughout three rooms on the second floor. Viewers first encounter a Caribbean courtyard, then move past pieces composed of crushed glass, as well as gold leaf and painstakingly painted flowers. A large-scale installation is devoted to boxing sport and culture. A neon pink afrocomb towers in the final room, not far from Nomadic Habitat (Hustleman) Cart, a collaboration with Chicago street vendor Garland Gantt (pictured at top of page). Originally created for the Chicago Architecture Biennial in connection with the Arts Incubator / Arts + Public Life program at the University of Chicago.


Everything is bigger, and certainly more sparkly in Dzine's world. He manages to make the everyday stop you in your tracks. This show is no exception. 

Carlos Rolón/Dzine: I Tell You This Sincerely… runs through July 31, 2016 at the Chicago Cultural Center