Tony Fitzpatrick and Barbara Rossi: Dual Artistic Forces on View at DePaul Art Museum

Self-taught artist Tony Fitzpatrick is a living, breathing embodiment of Chicago toughness, yet his latest exhibition, The Secret Birds, on view at DePaul Art Museum is filled with the peace and music of hundreds of birds flitting amongst poetry. Fitzpatrick has also published a new book, which accompanies the exhibition. 



Chicago artist Barbara Rossi, once a Catholic nun, and part of the famous Imagists group of artists, is exhibiting key works from the 1960s and 70s, drawings as well as paintings on Plexiglass, which were pivitol to her artistic evolution and help reveal the artist's significant role in our own local art history. Poor Traits is Rossi's first solo show in Chicago in a quarter century. 


Both artists are Chicago treasures, and their parallel shows on view at DePaul should not be missed. 

On view through August 21, 2016 at DePaul Art Museum