News from Around the Art World: October 2nd, 2018

What Sold at Expo Chicago

On most occasions, art fairs feel like their own little worlds—festive bubbles cocooned in the thick walls of climate-controlled convention centers, humming on coffee and champagne, impervious to natural light and whatever is happening in the real world.

By Anna Louie Sussman, Artsy

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Art on theMart kicks off with a really big-screen question: Is Chicago ready for video art?

Art on theMart, in the inaugural showing of what is being pitched as a three-decade, ongoing public art work, showed itself to be surreal, populist, inscrutable, obvious, confounding and engaging Saturday before a crowd that included city bigwigs down on the Riverwalk and thousands of Chicagoans up on the closed-off Wacker Drive.

By Steve Johnson, Chicago Tribune

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Art helps bring a divided Chicago neighborhood together

Their task was to learn about one another — and differences surfaced quickly. An African American boy from a public school pulled up a pant leg to show where a bullet had pierced his calf. His partner, a white boy who attends a private school and lives three blocks away, was shocked and saddened. The 40 or so kids who had gathered found common ground, too: a love of family, sports, animals and video games; a wish to succeed.

By Associated Press, via The Washington Post

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When Auctioneers Don’t Know or Can’t See Their Buyers

Live online bidding came to some of the major fine art auction houses about a decade ago, but it was not until about five years ago that it became commonplace for auction sales. Today, it is a fundamental part of how auctions work, said Jussi Pylkkanen, global president of Christie’s and an auctioneer.

By Nina Siegal, The New York Times

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