News from Around the Art World: February 26, 2018

Please Enjoy This Video of Jerry Saltz Reviewing Art Made by Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to great advances in artificial intelligence, humans aren’t the only ones making art anymore. As computers get in on the creative action, art critic Jerry Saltz has taken their efforts to task, offering some fairly savage reviews of works of art generated by various algorithms.

By Sarah Cascone, artnet

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Exhibit highlights work of Midwestern women

Deb Flagel started 2018 by asking a question: What kind of art is coming out of the Midwest? 

As executive director of Woman Made Gallery, 2150 S. Canalport Ave., Flagel curated an exhibition to help herself answer that question. From March 2–24, Woman Made will display its inaugural Midwest Open, featuring work from female artists from all 12 Midwestern states. 

Flagel hopes the Midwest Open will explore several other questions as well, such as whether the immediacy of sharing art over the internet has made the concept of “regional art” disappear. 

By Miranda Manier, The Colombia Chronicle

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Beyond ‘American Gothic’: The Conflicted World of Grant Wood

Almost everyone knows Grant Wood’s “American Gothic,” the hypnotic painting of a pitchfork-toting farmer and his daughter. But to many fans of the picture—and its many parodies—the rest of the artist’s career has remained a mystery.

By Brenda Cronin, WSJ

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Elmhurst considers arts commission to promote, add to public art

From the sculpture next to city hall to several pieces outside the art museum, Elmhurst has a significant public art collection, local art enthusiasts say. But people might not be aware of it.

By Robert Sanchez, Daily Herald

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