News From Around the Art World: July 23rd, 2018

Chicago's Lighthouses: Shedding light on artists with disabilities

Some street art in Chicago is shedding light on the challenges millions of us face every day. Let's take a stroll with Dean Reynolds: This summer in Chicago beacons of hope have sprouted on the sidewalk, dotting Michigan Avenue's "Magnificent Mile" with a message for the masses.

Story produced by Charlie Brooks, CBS News

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Museum Tours for People Who Don’t Like Museum Tours

On a recent Monday afternoon, Sarah Dunnavant, a 27-year-old actress and guide with the tour company Museum Hack, gathered her group of eight at the entrance of the Art Institute of Chicago, promising to reveal the “salacious, sexy and scary” parts of the museum in an animated two-hour “un-highlights” trip through the museum.

By Elaine Glusac, The New York Times

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Pop-up 'sensory' exhibit in West Town features local artists, interactive rooms

For four days in July, Chicagoans can become part of an art installation, full of vivid colors that zig and zag. They can enter a room full of shredded paper, write down their thoughts, then shred said thoughts by hand via pasta-maker.

By Darcel Rockett, Chicago Tribune

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A stunning mirrored art installation debuts at Navy Pier this weekend

On Saturday, July 28, Chilean artist Iván Navarro's installation "This Land is Your Land" will make its Chicago appearance in Polk Bros Park. Made up of three structures that look like water towers, guests can situate themselves under each tower's eight-foot-tall support to reveal a mirrored interior outfitted with neon lights. One of the pieces depicts a neon ladder than appears to ascend endlessly upward, while another displays the words "We" and "Me" perpetually repeating.

By Zach Long, Timeout Chicago

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Will blockchain deliver a registry of all traded works of art?

Christie’s summit weighs up pros and cons of the technology and how it might bring greater transparency to the art market

By Anny Shaw, The Art Newspaper

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