News From Around the Art World: December 17, 2019


Maurizio Cattelan’s ‘Comedian,’ AKA the Viral Banana Art, Explained

The banana phenomenon is a study in how stories go viral in our hyperconnected world—and how much some love to hate on contemporary art.

By artnet

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A Gardener Found a Stolen Gustav Klimt Painting—in the Very Building It Was Stolen From

'Portrait of a Lady,' pilfered over two decades ago, was found in a black bag and originally mistaken for a sack of trash.

By Caroline Elbaor, artnet

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A statue of a black man on a horse has a new home in the heart of the Confederacy

A monument of a young African-American man has found its permanent Virginia home near the Confederate statue it was modeled after. "Rumors of War," by artist Kehinde Wiley was unveiled at Richmond's Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

By Madeline Holcombe, CNN

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Author Alice Walker Says She Must Sell Bill Traylor Art to Save It

A two-sided work by the self-taught artist and former slave Bill Traylor heads to Christie’s.

By Kelly Crow, WSJ

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