News From Around the Art World: March 26, 2019

Laurie Simmons’s Works at Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

Over four decades, Laurie Simmons’s accomplished series have wrestled with image culture, object fetishization, gender roles — and, more recently, non-binary identity. In the current survey of the artist’s work, “Laurie Simmons: Big Camera/Little Camera” (on view until May 5), the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago is presenting her photography alongside three films (one of which features vintage puppets, the actress Meryl Streep, and Alvin Ailey dancers) plus a sculptural installation.

By Sarah Moroz, Blouin Art Info

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High school seniors awarded college scholarships for artwork

Though their artistic talent was recently recognized in academic circles, the students have said their goals include a military career and entrepreneurship while not forsaking art.

By Steve Sadin, Lincolnshire Review via Chicago Tribune

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Discovered After 70, Black Artists Find Success, Too, Has Its Price

McArthur Binion had been creating art almost completely under the radar for four decades, handling his own occasional sales and raising two children in Chicago on a teaching salary.

Now, Mr. Binion has been fully embraced by the mainstream art world — at the age of 72. His dealer is a prominent Chelsea gallery. Museums and international collectors are snapping up his large canvases, minimalist grids painted in oil stick over collages of personal documents.

By Hilarie M. Sheets, The New York Times

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