News From Around the Art World: April 2, 2019

The Art Institute of Chicago postponed an exhibition of Native American pottery

The Art Institute of Chicago (AIC) has postponed its forthcoming exhibition of Native American pottery from the Southwestern United States over concerns that indigenous people were not sufficiently represented in the exhibition. 

Via Artsy News

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UIC draws up plan to help train high school art teachers

The University of Illinois at Chicago is giving students who want to become high school art teachers some help.

The school says in a news release that for the first time since 2010 it is giving students pursuing an undergraduate degree in studio art the opportunity to obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education — or BFAAE degree — along with a professional teaching license.

By Associated Press, via Chicago Sun Times

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Relax and immerse yourself... the art of experiencing museums slowly

Where a protest against McDonald’s spawned the Slow Food movement, so the blockbuster exhibition has inspired a Slow Art resistance. Anyone who has visited a “once-in-a-lifetime” exhibition will be familiar with the exhausting routine: queueing at the entrance, jostling with crowds around the masterpieces, fighting falling energy levels and mounting frustration. If photography is permitted, throw selfie sticks and Instagram posers into the mix too.

By Hannah McGivern, The Art Newspaper

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