News From Around the Art World: June 18, 2019

Frank Lloyd Wright’s home and studio gets new John Ronan-designed visitor center

Frank Lloyd Wright’s popular home and studio in Oak Park, Illinois, is getting a new visitor and education center designed by Chicago firm John Ronan Architects, the Frank Lloyd Wright Trust announced Monday.

By Jay Koziarz, Curbed Chicago

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Can Art Revive South Chicago? These Artists Are Trying To Infuse New Life Into The Neighborhood

Villarreal is one of a collection of artists trying to pump new life into South Chicago by opening art studios in formerly vacant buildings, holding monthly events, getting neighborhood kids involved and sharing their passion for art in hopes that it can transform the area.

By Kimberly Jin, Block Club Chicago

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Seeking the Real David Hockney Through Fact and Fiction

A new novel and a restoration of the film “A Bigger Splash” expand our definition of art biography.

By Deborah Solomon, The New York Times

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Susan Sontag’s Radical Views Still Shape How We See Photography

Photography, more than any other art form, is subject to intense moral scrutiny. We question the proliferation of violent images, worry about subjects’ consent to be photographed, fear that manipulated pictures will create harmful misreadings of critical issues, and fret that taking pictures excessively diminishes our ability to experience the world. These concerns can feel immediate and timely, yet before the close of the 1970s, writer Susan Sontag had already articulated all of these concerns.

By Alina Cohen, Artsy Editorial

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