News From Around the Art World: June 25, 2019


Chicago’s Murals And Mosaics


A new web and print series, brought to you by the Chicago Sun-Times, aims to capture, catalogue and celebrate the beauty of our streets.

Some of them reflect pop culture.

Many carry political, historical or religious meanings.

Some defy obvious interpretation.

Regardless, our plan is to highlight as many Chicago-area murals and mosaics as possible, but our collection is a work in progress – and that we need you, the reader, to provide feedback, flag us on anything we missed in the public realm.

Via Chicago Sun-Times Staff

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Art Institute of Chicago offering ASL guided tours


The Art Institute of Chicago is offering monthly public tours in American Sign Language to make art accessible for all. Jennifer Eskridge-Hart and Jonathan Sondergeld conduct interactive tours in American Sign Language at the Art Institute.

By Marissa N. Isang, abc7 Chicago

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The Righteous Art of Nick Cave


Two years ago I spent a long weekend in western Massachusetts and took a day trip to MASS MoCA, the colossal contemporary art museum in an old brick factory building in North Adams. I wandered into gallery five, which is about the size of a football field. Hanging from the ceiling was a shimmering forest of gossamer strings dangling what looked like 20,000 reflective wind chimes, all spinning. It was beautiful. Then I looked up close at one of the wind-chime things and realized it was a silvery cutout of a handgun. And for a little while I forgot to breathe.

That was my first Nick Cave moment.

By Benjy Hansen-Bundy, GQ Magazine

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