Bird is the Word: American Birding Assoc. Picks Work by Tony Fitzpatrick to Celebrate 2020


A Communion of Waxwings, a painting and collage by artist Tony Fitzpatrick has been chosen to celebrate the American Birding Association's 2020 Bird of the Year the Cedar Waxwing.

Fitzpatrick's work is part of a limited edition of 200 posters, signed by the artist, being sold for $50 to benefit the ABA.

In a recent episode of the American Birding Podcast, ABA President Jeffrey Gordon noted the ABA’s first 50 years were about finding and identifying all the birds in the ABA Area, and that the ABA’s second 50 years should be about finding and identifying birders. In that way, perhaps Cedar Waxwing is the perfect Bird of our 51st Year. Famously gregarious, Cedar Waxwings are all about community. They share berries, they congregate at fruiting trees, they even occasionally over-imbibe. Think back to the first time you saw a Cedar Waxwing. For many of us, this may have been a very long time ago indeed, as Cedar Waxwings can be found across the continent and in nearly every corner of the ABA Area.

Tony Fitzpatrick is a Chicago-based artist best known for his multimedia collages, printmaking, paintings, and drawings. Fitzpatrick’s work are inspired by Chicago street culture, cities he has traveled to, children’s books, tattoo designs, and folk art. Fitzpatrick has authored or illustrated eight books of art and poetry, and he is an unabashed bird lover.

To announce the choice of the new bird of the year as well as publicly release the poster the ABA held a special celebration of birding on January 12 featuring food, music, and art while helping the ABA help birds and birders.


Poster details: Actual size 12.5 in x 16.5 in, #100 Cougar smooth cover stock, matte finish

Posters are being sold online for $50 through the ABA.