News From Around the Art World: January 14, 2020


Free Admission Days In 2020 For Chicago Museums


The winter doldrums can best be fought by planning a day out at the museum. Chicago is home to many world renowned museums with many offering the opportunity for you to take in all the sights without making a dent in your wallet.

Many Chicago area museums are offering Illinois residents free admission throughout the year.

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John Soss, Courtesy of Abel Uribe / Chicago Tribune


Maybe the debris found on the lakefront could be art — a Chicago photographer opens ‘On the Beach’


A beach can be a lonely place, particularly in winter. John Soss wanders beaches in every season but does so less frequently when the cold comes, and the snow and the ice bury what he is seeking.

What he is seeking are remnants of this world, specifically things that have been lost or tossed or otherwise found their way into the waters of Lake Michigan. Thousands of these things eventually wash up along the shore and Soss grabs some, looks them over and takes a few home, there to arrange together in patterns and take a photo.

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By Rick Kogan, Chicago Tribune





Zor Zor Zor | Discovering Chicago’s graffiti world, creating art while traveling, and more


This week the Cornerstore spoke with Zor Zor Zor about her discovering Chicago’s graffiti world on her own & navigating her way into shows with prominent graffiti artists early in her career, creating art while traveling, her work with Grace Jane Projects and more.

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By Casera Heining, WGN Radio




Olowu, photographed at his boutique in London in 2015.Photo: Getty Images


In a New Exhibition, Designer Duro Olowu Fashions a Portrait of Chicago


“What drives Chicago is still a mystery to me,” says Duro Olowu, speaking by phone from the city’s Museum of Contemporary Art, where lately he’s been pondering such matters as he puts the final touches on the expansive new art exhibition he’s curated, Duro Olowu: Seeing Chicago, opening February 29.

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By Julia Felsenthal, Vogue Magazine