Catherine Edelman Gallery Closing Public Space Jan 1 to Go Private


By Ginny Van Alyea

As I shared in my 2018 interview with Catherine Edelman, Cathy was one of the very first art dealers I met when I started working for CGN's founding publisher in 2002. She has been a neighbor, trusted colleague, straight talker, and friend all these years and is widely known and respected in the local, as well as international, art and photography community. Edelman publicly announced today that due to the economic challenges wrought by the pandemic, she is taking her eponymous gallery private, entering a new professional phase after over three decades in business. 

The press release shared below is a message from Edelman. We wish her and her gallery staff the best as they navigate the changes ahead. 


December 1, 2020 marked the 33-year anniversary of Catherine Edelman Gallery, a venue in Chicago showcasing contemporary fine art photography. Since its founding in 1987, CEG has established itself as one of the leading galleries in the country devoted to the exhibition of prominent living photographers, alongside new & rising talent, attracting both the seasoned collector and first-time buyer.

After hosting 245 public exhibitions, featuring more than 200 artists, Catherine Edelman Gallery is closing its physical space, effective January 1, 2021, and will operate as a private dealer, continuing to represent several of its gallery artists. While Edelman believes wholeheartedly in the brick-and-mortar model, the pandemic, lack of foot traffic, and cancellation of art fairs created an unsustainable reality. Edelman looks forward to this new transition that will allow her to continue working with collectors, curators, designers, & consultants; participate in art fairs when they resume; and present pop-up exhibitions when warranted. While CEG may no longer have a public space, the mission remains fully intact: to present living artists whose work expands the discourse of photography. 

Look for more information at the beginning of the year announcing the represented artists, as well as exciting new initiatives that support this transition. For further information please contact Catherine directly at


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