Weekend Art Highlights: March 6–7

Kass Copeland & Jillian Dickson opens Friday, March 6 at Studio OH, one of several openings taking place this weekend.



By CGN Staff

The first round of "spring" art openings will take place this weekend as March opens a new season of art. While some galleries are busy selling art from a booth at one of the many New York art fairs taking place now, many other local spaces are holding their second shows since they opened the 2020 season in January. Though plenty has been happening throughout the city, the quieter vibe of winter in the galleries, and in the art market in general, is over, as we see a weather warm up and eventually a prelude to summer (some day!) 

Our overview of highlights from this coming weekend is below, and our full calendar may be viewed here. You are invited to see what's new!  

See you in the galleries!


Kathleen Waterloo Solo Show

Opening Friday, March 6, 5–8 pm

Addington Gallery

New, colorful works by this Chicago-based artist who specializes in encaustic will be on view in River North.


Toni Maugeri: Hope Dies Last

Opening Friday, March 6, 7–10 pm

The Dime

HOPE Dies Last is Toni Maugeri's series of assemblage urban artifacts inspired by people, society and the environment. The artworks are made with words and symbols interwoven with ritual. Each work begins as a tale of empowerment and transformation. 

Maugeri's assemblages of urban artifacts are made by combining things that have been discarded or not considered beautiful in a conventional way with wood, organics, naturals, metal, fiber, found and charged objects, concrete, encaustic, charring, repurposed and reclaimed materials, paper, spray paint, ink and stain. The materials are assembled with glue and cold connections. Her colors evolve from the materials and she often uses them symbolically.


Build: A Sculpture Show Dedicated to Mary-Ellen Croteau

Opening Friday, March 6, 5–10 pm

Oliva Gallery

The late Mary Ellen Croteau, artist and agitator will be honored at Oliva Gallery in conjunction with International Women’s Day and 100 years of Women’s Suffrage. The show will include artists who were featured in her window front gallery Art on Armitage with 2D and 3D works. 


CJ Pyle: Crawling from the Wreckage

Opening Friday, March 6, 5–8 pm

Carl Hammer Gallery

A show of work by C.J. Pyle, a self taught, "outsider"  artist born in 1956 in Richmond, Indiana, opens Friday, March 6.


Jose D. Flores, Junior: I Must Leave

Opening Friday, March 6, 5–8 pm

Rangefinder Gallery

Jose D. Flores, Jr. (Joe) took up photography in late 2015 as complementary therapy for a traumatic surgical procedure that almost took his life. He plunged head-in to the challenging genre of street shooting to overcome his introversion.


Chicago Streets and Ways

Opening Friday, March 6, 5–8 pm

Hofheimer Gallery

Hofheimer Gallery is pleased to present: Chicago Streets and Ways. Experience the streets, intersections and alleyways of our beloved city through the artistry of Karen Perl and William Dolan. Using a variety of mediums and substrates, the artists capture a unique and colorful view of Chicago.


30 Artists / 30 Years

Opening Saturday, March 7, 5-8pm

Chicago Printmakers Collaborative

This summer, 30 additional CPC-affiliated artists will launch a portfolio project, which will be exhibited in the gallery. A total of 60 artists (out of thousands) are being featured in this ongoing series of 30th anniversary events. Stay tuned... and see you on March 7th!

Exhibiting Artists: Chris Blume, Liz Born, Margaret Buchen, Karen Butler, Carlos Cortez, Jeanine Coupe-Ryding, David Driesbach, Jen Farrell, Tony Fitzpatrick, Sanya Glisic, Rachelle Hill, John Himmelfarb, Elise Hughes, Amos Kennedy, Jill Kramer, Karen Kunc, Jeff Lassahn, Alan Lerner, Bart Longacre, Bert Menco, Dennis O'Malley, Mary O'Shaughnessy, Artemio Rodriguez, Jenny Schmid, Carl Voss, Gary Weidner, Scott Westgard, Catherine Winings, Debora Wood.