The Summer 2020 Issue of CGN is Here

On the cover, summer 2020 – Ebony G. Patterson, ...three kings weep..., 2018 (still), edition of 3, 3-channel digital color video projection with sound, 8 minutes 34 seconds. Courtesy of the artist and Monique Meloche Gallery.

The summer 2020 issue of CGN has arrived! Needless to say, the issue we were planning back in February 2020 had to change quite a bit, but we did our best to adapt to a rapidly shifting world and art market. Due to the ongoing stay-at-home order, copies are available in May primarily by subscription

We expect that in June 2020 copies will be more widely and publicly available in area galleries, museums, hotels and other locations as they reopen. 

This issue includes a new look at the local art community during the time of COVID-19 and features interviews with a range of creative makers and supporters, including artist Ebony G. Patterson; collector and former River North art dealer Ann Nathan; art patrons Marilyn and Carl Thoma; Stuart Dyer of Ladybug Vintage; artist Marcela Torres; dealer Patrick Hull of Vertical Gallery on embracing digital sales; new galleries navigating the first year in business; and a walk through Logan Square's galleries and murals. We also spotlight new online ventures and virtual openings. 

The cover features art by Ebony G. Patterson as well. 

New content will be posted online throughout the month, and we continue to update our calendar daily, and of course we hope to add more in-person event as soon as possible. 

Subscribe now to receive a copy by mail! 

In the mean time, stay safe and enjoy the art.