News From Around the Art World: June 30, 2020

How ‘Mural Moves’ is Using Art to Invest in Communities

The intersection of 71st Street and Jeffery Boulevard was once described as the main artery of the South Shore neighborhood, but years of disinvestment — and the blight that follows — changed that.

Chicago artist Dorian Sylvain decided to reclaim the corner.

By Angel Idowu, WTTW News

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Art Institute of Chicago lays off 51 employees

The Art Institute of Chicago has laid off 51 full-time employees in response to a plunge in revenue since its closure on 14 March and projections of steeply lower visitor numbers once it reopens.

By Nancy Kenney, The Art Newspaper

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The Differences between Prints, Multiples, and Editions

Thanks in part to the popularity of artists who have made these types of replicated works major parts of their practices—like Banksy and KAWS—along with an accompanying surge of younger collectors whose tastes and budgets align with these media, dealers and auction houses have seen a growing appreciation for a category that long played second fiddle to painting and sculpture. Despite this marketplace momentum, one major sticking point remains: What, exactly, is the distinction between prints, editions, and multiples?

Shannon Lee, Artsy Editorial

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