News From Around the Art World: September 1, 2020

Claude Monet,  “On the Bank of the Seine, Bennecourt,” 1868. The Art Institute of Chicago, Potter Palmer Collection.Courtesy The Art Institute of Chicago


Chicago collectors’ love affair with Monet showcased in new Art Institute exhibit

Of the Art Institute’s 33 Monet paintings, just two were purchased by the museum. The rest were donated by local collectors starting in the 1920s.

By Kyle MacMillan, Chicago Sun-Times

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Katherine Nagasawa/WBEZ/Courtesy of the Chicago History Museum/Newberry Library


As Chicago Debates Columbus Statues, Here’s A Look At The One We Melted Down

Recent protests led to a Columbus statue’s temporary removal. A hundred years ago, Chicagoans did the same thing — with some creative repurposing.

By Katherine Nagasawa, Mary Hall, WBEZ Radio

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Head of a Bearded Man at Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum has undergone a scientific examination using infrared technologyCourtesy of the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford


A real Rembrandt? Study shows painting banished to storeroom is either by his studio or the master himself

A recent examination of the wood panel reveals that it is from the same Baltic oak tree as the panel of an authenticated work by the Dutch artist

By Martin Bailey, The Art Newspaper

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