Art for Every Month of 2021: Chicago Printmakers Collaborative Calendars




You pretty much needed this YESTERDAY but you can certainly order one TODAY. 

Featuring the work of 12 CPC gallery artists, with a nifty cover photographed by Monica Kass Rogers, these are available both in person and online for only $25. We weren't able to make our traditional hand made calendar this year due to the pandemic, but this one is pretty dang sweet. Artists who contributed work include Damon Kowarsky, Jaco Putker, Kim Laurel, Mirka Hokkanen, Karen Butler, Deborah Maris Lader, Coco Berkman, Sarah Smelser, Victoria Marie Barquin, Kouki Tsuritani, and Carrie Lingscheit. 

Here are the 12 (one per month) images:

calendar 2020