New Exhibitions Start November 5

Dan Ramirez: Sheets of Space / Finding Place

November 5

Zolla / Lieberman Gallery

John Coltrane’s “sheets of sound,” with its blazing chordal arpeggios compressed into musical space and time, often described as Coltrane’s response to a connection with the cosmos and the spiritual, suggested to me new ways to look at a substrates (wood or canvas) potential for creating “sheets of space” through light and reflection. In this new work, layers of light and space, either imagined or posited visually, create the illusion of a compressed space that uses the sides of the substrate as well to push the idea even further.




Opening: Friday, November 5, 5 – 8 pm

Carl Hammer Gallery


Opening at Carl Hammer Gallery, November 5, 2021, from 5 pm to 8 pm, our new exhibition, IMAGINED LANDSCAPES, features artists Francois Burland, Joseph Parker, Grace Graupe Pillard, David Sharpe, Hollis Sigler, Kahn and Selesnick, and Mary Lou Zelazny.  



Herman Aguirre: Agua y Aceite

Opening: Friday, November 5, 4 – 7 pm

Zolla / Lieberman Gallery


His newest body of work, Agua y Aceite, includes canvases of various sizes, many irregularly shaped, as well as preparatory ink drawings. To create his impasto, canvas surfaces, the artist 'works intuitively' with paint skins and oil and acrylic accumulations to build up the three-dimensionality, resulting in work that straddles the line between painting and sculpture.



Alicia LaChance: New Village

Opening: Friday, November 5, 5 – 8 pm

Addington Gallery


My paintings are a personal declaration aimed at ameliorating our modernity. When I paint, I compose visual anthropological essays that bridge the past and present for a contemporary acculturation. The colors and symbols I use are adopted from many stations, ranging from folk traditions to street art. Further manipulation recontextualizes them as both graphic ornament and Esperanto. Initially, these paintings were organized according to open-source graphs describing patterns of social human interaction. They have become a way for me to filter the urgency and collective scramble of contemporary life.



At the Table

Opening: Friday, November 5, 5 – 8 pm

Vale Craft Gallery


Join us at Vale Craft Gallery on Friday, November 5 from 5 to 8 pm for the opening of our group exhibition At the Table.  The show will feature functional ceramics and glass by Chicago and Midwestern artists including bowls, plates, cups, vases, serving platters and more.  Find great gifts for your loved ones (or even yourself) while supporting local artists.



Obsession: Bunny Hoppel & Jeanine Coupe Ryding

Opening: Friday, November 5, 5 – 8 pm

Hofheimer Gallery


OBSESSION is a 2-person exhibition featuring works by Bunny Hoppel and Jeanine Coupe Ryding who have both spent several years fixating on one subject, utilizing one type of medium or method to interpret their inspiration that ultimately became an obsession.