New Exhibitions Start November 6

Jessica Campbell: Gigantomachinations

Opening: Saturday, November 6, 11 am – 6 pm

Western Exhibitions


Prior to this exhibition, Campbell’s work was woven from elaborate, humorous, and politically pointed narratives, fitting for an artist who is a well-regarded cartoonist with 2 published graphic novels and another forthcoming. Her process has since changed. This exhibition is a response to the stress of a move from Chicago to Green Bay to help care for her ailing in-laws, stress from her own family, stress from making a living in upper Wisconsin, stress from the ongoing pandemic and a myriad of political and social crises. The work combines both the tradition of crazy quilts and pareidolia, the experience of ascribing meaning to visual phenomena (like seeing figures in the clouds). For Campbell, this method of working intuitively and formally, as opposed to starting with a clear idea and executing it, is “the only sustainable way for me to work in this current moment through a constant brain fog.”



Dan Attoe: Pandemic Paintings

Opening: Saturday, November 6, 11 am – 6 pm

Western Exhibitions


Throughout his 20+ years of painting, Attoe has challenged himself to offer as much detail as possible: “I’ve always enjoyed finding the limits of my abilities and comprehension. For me, there’s something in hitting the end of the jar, the point where earnest representation meets awkwardness, where processing of reality meets metaphor, that is entertaining and telling about an artist’s psychological makeup.”



Sung Jang: Given

Opening: Saturday, November 6, 11 am – 6 pm

Volume Gallery


In his second solo exhibition at Volume Gallery, Chicago based designer Sung Jang presents symbiotic combinations of found stones buttressed by lattice bases. The deliberate combinations are analogous to humanity’s relationship with nature—rock and grid representing nature meeting human reasoning. With their light touch, the pieces reflect a traditional Korean dynamic with nature, one of appreciation and respect.



Sara Greenberger Rafferty: Views from Somewhere

November 6




Ravi Shankar: Ragamala to Rockstar

Opening: Saturday, November 6, 11 am – 6 pm

South Asia Institute


Legendary sitar pioneer Ravi Shankar, whom George Harrison called the “Godfather of World Music”, was instrumental in bringing Indian classical music to mainstream audiences in the west. Shankar became a pop culture superstar and a celebrity unlike anyone who looked  or sounded like him before. South Asia Institute is very pleased to announce the debut of the art and music exhibition, “Ravi Shankar: Ragamala to Rockstar - A Retrospective of The Maestro's Life in Music”. The exhibition is an opportunity to experience the legendary musician’s groundbreaking career in music through an unprecedented collection of  rare concert posters, psychedelic art prints, flyers, photographs, videos, record covers and personal artifacts.



Ariel Dannielle

November 6

Monique Meloche Gallery



Double Life / Flayed Beings / Hidden Counterparts

Opening: Saturday, November 6, 2 – 5 pm

Bert Green Fine Art


In this exhibition, artists Felecia Chizuko Carlisle, Richard Haley, Trisha Holt and Bailey Scieszka engage in experiments in "saliency detection"* at the intersection of the human soma and the lens-based technologies that saturate our environment.



Sergio Farfan: 5 Years

Opening: Saturday, November 6, 12 – 6 pm

Vertical Gallery


‘Five Years,’ which runs from Nov. 6-24 at our 1016 N. Western Ave. location, caps off the first half-decade of Farfán’s professional career while introducing daring possibilities for the next phase of the artist’s evolution. The show features new canvases and sculptures as well as a unique video installation intercutting animations of Farfán’s original characters with clips from the classic cartoons, films and music videos that inspired his formative efforts.



Haiku by Wilda Morris: I follow my shadow home

Opening: Saturday, November 6, 5 – 7:30 pm

Perspective Group + Photography Gallery, Ltd.


Perspective Gallery Presents the Premiere Showing of "Poetry and Photography" by The P2 Collective. In the summer of 2019, a group of Chicago area photographers and poets met to discuss the idea of pursuing an ekphrastic conversation between poetry and photography, a conversation in which one art-form inspires the other. For example, a photograph might inspire a poem, which in turn inspires another photograph, which then inspires another poem and so on.



David Antonio Cruz

November 6

Monique Meloche Gallery




Bassim Al Shaker: Solo Exhibition

November 6

FLXST Contemporary




Opening: Sunday, November 7, 4 – 6 pm

Epiphany Center for the Arts


Mezcal has been part of Mexican life, gastronomy and culture for centuries. The Spaniards called the agave plant “the tree of wonders”. Agave evolved in southern Mexico over six million years ago and Oaxaca is its center of diversity. Mezcal’s popularity exploded in recent years, transforming it from a local spirit to one that is known internationally. Patrons in New York, Los Angeles and everywhere in the world were now saying “with mezcal please”, and mezcal fever exploded, causing its demand to grow exponentially. As a result, people in Oaxaca began to produce more and more of it and a thriving international market was born. Every community and hill in the state was soon surrounded with agaves that were destined for mezcal.