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Kim Laurel, one-of-a-kind monotype card w/ envelope


From Deborah Maris Lader, Chicago Printmakers Collaborative

Love is in the air!!! Ok, ok, we know it's as cold as a refrigerated vaccine and we're so bundled up and masked that we wouldn't even recognize our own offspring if we slid into them on a patch of ice, but we're TRYING to remain positive. Or actually NEGATIVE. Or at least positively know what we mean. The holiday of love is just about upon us, and rather than stock up on Hallmark and Walmart, why not opt for a handmade Valentine or a gorgeous print or some art wrapped chocolate? We've got you covered! You can make an appointment to swing by today, Friday or Saturday, or shoot us an email or even give us a call at 773-293-2070. We REALLY wanna help you impress the people you love.

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