New Exhibitions Start April 1 – 3

Diane Arbus: A Secret about a Secret

Exhibition begins April 1

Alan Koppel Gallery – North

Seven iconic artworks by one of America's preeminent photographers, along with works by contemporary artists influenced by Arbus. 



Joerg Metzner | Missing: The Tree at Greenwood Beach

Exhibition begins April 2

Perspective Group + Photography Gallery, Ltd.

Metzner’s photography is narrative by nature, encompasses environmental portraits, landscape, documentary, editorial and fine art photography. Point him in any direction for a travel assignment and he will happily hit the road.



In From The Cold

Exhibition begins April 2

Carl Hammer Gallery

In From The Cold is a celebration of the self-taught brilliance of “outsider” art and artists, a recognition which the world art establishment was reluctant to make many years ago.  Today, the modern art world as a whole recognizes, with high esteem, the achievements of the outsider artist.  Their works have become iconic byproducts of and leave significant legacies to the American art experience itself. 



Paula Blackwell: Out of the Blue

Opening: Saturday, Apr 3, 2021 2 – 6 pm

Addington Gallery

Paula Blackwell is a leading artistic voice in the Pacific Northwest. Her emotionally charged, moody landscapes point as much towards our inner life as they do reference the natural world. Process leads the charge in her work as she manipulates layers of wax and pigment, exploiting the translucency of the materials to create a palpable sense of atmosphere, never becoming a slave to detail and illustration.



Now and Then: Paintings by Joanna Pinsky

Exhibition begins April 3 

Evanston Art Center

Pinsky creates installations of the shaped paintings, hanging them so they seem to interact with each other.  Nothing is hung parallel or perpendicular to the floor giving the appearance that the objects seem to be floating in space like memories when you fall asleep at night, collapsing time and place into unexpected relationships.



Kour Pour: Familiar Spirits

Exhibition begins April 3 

Kavi Gupta Gallery

Pour’s debut at the gallery will present a group of paintings he created around the motif of the tiger. As with past bodies of work, such as his acclaimed carpet paintings, this series contains elements that reference both global art history and various interconnected cultural iconographies. Pour uses the word foster to describe his process of activating such visual associations, suggesting that he is nurturing something temporarily in his care. 



Boom Bloom: Featuring Nikki Renee Anderson & Renee Robbins | artlab: Mike Slaski

Exhibition begins April 3 

Krasl Art Center

Boom Bloom features sculptures by Nikki Renee Anderson and paintings by Renee Robbins that explode, reconfigure, and blossom. Biomorphic compositions multiply, shift, and drip inside a candy-colored otherworld. Themes of growth connect the works in rhythmic blooms at either the beginning or the end of natural cycles. While drawing from the familiar, invention and a whimsical sense of play characterize the work.