New Exhibitions Start March 26

Victoria Adams – Distancing: Imagination and the Faraway

Opening: Friday, March 26, 4 – 7 pm

Zolla / Lieberman Gallery 

VICTORIA ADAMS: Distancing features wide-open panoramic spaces and horizons with clear views of turbulent skies. Adams' interests include the universal human need to speculate on what lies behind a horizon—to be in one place and project the imagination into another, as yet unattainable, state of being that is beyond the horizon and into the “distance." Horizons and Distance are gateways to the “faraway”, both spatial and temporal, and they are a constant feature of western romantic landscape art.




Richard Yu-Tang Lee: I Come In Peace

Opening: Friday, March 26, 7 – 10 pm

Firecat Projects 




Jeane Cohen: In the Walls of My House There Were Spirits

Opening: Friday, March 26, 4 – 7 pm

Zolla / Lieberman Gallery 

In this body of work, Cohen is wringing pathos into the paintings by drawing on experiences of disintegration, fear, a collapsed boundary between interior self and outer world, and feelings of futility. Addressing what can be framed as a personal or cultural threat of spiritual collapse, the paintings’ untethered fields imprint the churning, melting, bending, dislodging, and charred sensations of continuously renegotiating reality. 




“Very Well, Thank You”: The Arts as a Means to Well-being

March 26 – May 15

Northern Illinois University (NIU) Art Museum 

The exhibition investigates the unique role and way the visual and performing arts assist in maintaining social, psychological and physical health and happiness.

Artists were selected from a national call for entry and invited to participate because of their interest in presenting work that attempts to examine how the arts contribute to well-being through visual harmony, balance, color, humor, being in the moment and process.